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    Bamboo is a beauteous and so sexy french porn star, she was born on .
    She is Gemini astrological sign.
    This brunette asian with hazelnut eyes who has now 46 years old owns embrace and some apparent attributes.
    Bamboo shooted the main part of her scenes with the studios Legend, Elegant Angel and Toxxxic.

    Official website : Bamboo
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    Porn actress added on the 26 May 2009

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  • on 6 Nov. 2012
    Young bamboo's pearls : Bamboo has the greatest nipples in the adult film industry. even when she was very young and before getting her breasts enhanced, her nipples were her magnificent pearls.

    on 29 Oct. 2012
    Bamboo : Hottest asian and the accent, ooh, la, lah.australian fan
    on 22 June 2012
    Bamboo : She is best in aged female porn stars.
    on 29 May 2012
    Best asian star : Magnificent! she is like fine french wine. made from the most choice vine and fermented to perfection. then she gets better with age.
    on 30 Apr. 2012
    Her biggest fan
    Bamboo in leather : Bamboo is always hot, but in leather hip boots, and bending over to show off her best assets, she is the sexiest and most exotic asian/european goddess.

    on 4 Apr. 2012
    Bb friend
    Recent bamboo photo : Bamboo fans who miss her a lot. here is a recent photo of our dream goddess. she looks mighty fine for a 37 year old goddess.

    on 9 March 2012
    Looking for title : Dear bamboo, you were in a scene with mr. marcus, it was a bj movie only, no other type of scenes other than bj, and i can't find the title and i don't know the name of the film...can you please help...there were many other scenes, but the best scene was with you and mr. one else in scene and bj only...thank you!
    on 1 Oct. 2011
    Bamboo friend
    I wonder what she's doing these days : Bamboo has had any new videos lately. she infrequently appears on her webcam, but it is hard to catch online. hope she visits all her fans soon.

    on 5 Sept. 2011
    Bamboo fanatic
    Bamboo nude and tanned : Bamboo has a great body as her fans all know. here is a collage of her totally nude and tanned body. he firm breasts, rigid and erect nipples and very fine pubic bush are displayed three times for your enjoyment.

    on 22 Jul. 2011
    Sucking her nipples : Let me show you one more photo of bamboo and me underwater. i couldn't help myself. i went straight to her hard left nipple. oh so firm, so delicious. so lickable and so suckable. if i had her nipples, i would be the queen of porn.
    on 19 Jul. 2011
    Sucking her nipples : Many of us gals have enjoyed loving and enjoying bamboo's great body. this series of underwater shots were great with bamboo. loved her rock hard, always ready to suck nipples. would love to have another opportunity.

    on 8 Jul. 2011
    Bamboo fan
    Miss hardbody : For some people who don't like bamboo, i think you haven't seen some of her great photos. take a look at these three images of ms. hardbody aka: jade bui, elizabeth bui, and best known as bamboo. what a perfect love goddess! who has a better, more shapely and fit body than bamboo.

    on 5 Jul. 2011
    Bamboo nude : Bamboo has had a long and successful career as a model and adult actress because she has a great attitude and magnificent body. look at her in total nudity. wow !!!

    on 28 June 2011
    Bamboo pool sex : Bamboo loves to be in the water where her nipples are fully erect and excited. especially when another young lady is trying to suck those delicious gum drops.
    on 20 June 2011
    Bb lover
    Bamboo lounging at cannes : Bamboo is one of the all time sexiest and delightful adult actresses in the world. she seems to enjoy all her many sexual encounters in her many films. her moans of pleasure whether she is sucking or being sucked or fucked are extraordinarily arousing.

    on 16 June 2011
    La meilleur : Bamboo es de loin la meilleure, elle doit continuer son beau travail
    on 3 Apr. 2011
    Bad : Worst star ever seen : bad and old
    on 6 March 2011
    Bad : Undoubtedly the sexiest petite asian porn star. hope she does escorting coz i'd loved to hire her. damn it, i would go out with this girl :o)
    on 4 Dec. 2010
    She's still the greates : The best looking 36 year old sex star in the planet. she will always be in my heart.

    on 16 Sept. 2010
    She's the greatest : Bamboo is the most exciting and sexual female adult performer ever. i and her fans continue to enjoy her films and find her sexual talent and appetite very pleasurable. wishing her continued joy and sexual pleasure.

    on 22 Jul. 2010
    The most erotic exotic asian porn star : Bamboo is without doubt the sexiest and most erotic asian porn star. no one sucks cock and loves a large cock in her pussy and ass more than bamboo. her always erect and hard
    nipples are mouth watering.

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