Anita BLOND or AnitaBLOND, BLONDAnita Anita BLOND,BLOND Anita,
Anita Blond (born 27 May 1976 in Budapest, Hungary) is the stage name of a former pornographic actress. She started her career as a Penthouse model and proceeded to work in 1995 with the Private Media...
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Anita Blond

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    Anita BLOND

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    Anita Blond is a beauteous hungarian pornstar who was born on (Budapest, Hungary).
    This good-looking porn actress is Gemini sign.
    This pornstar who has already 42 years old owns some undeniable charms.
    Anita hasn't truly preferent studio, she plays her hard movies with multiple studios like Private, Horizon or CDI Digital.

    Anita Blond in few words : Hungary power
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    Porn actress added on the 24 February 2009

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  • on 27 Apr. 2013
    Anita's ass : Anita blond as the world's best ass ever.
    on 18 Apr. 2013
    Top star of all time : Anita blond has the best body ever.
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    Top star of all time : Can you think of any other star as hot as anita blond, i think not.
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    Big joe
    Oh sooo good!!!!!!!! : She is and has been the only porn star to see. wow oh wow.
    on 23 March 2013
    Oh so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Anita blond need we say more. she was the best porn star of all time hands down.
    on 7 March 2013
    The good days : She was best, love her body what more can we say wish she was still making movie's .
    on 6 March 2013
    What not at #1 yet : I can only say she is the best i have every seen. no
    other porn star has what she has, and that's class.
    on 6 Feb. 2013
    Why is she not 1st : Anita blond should be on the top of every list. 7th place is just not where she should be.
    on 16 Jan. 2013
    Is the best ever : She is just so good i'm a huge fan. there will be no one like her.
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    on 27 Sept. 2012
    Review of anita
    Review of anita : I usually use to talk a lot, but about anita blond, i need to tell you only 1 sentence: best porn star and hottest woman ever.

    on 31 May 2012
    Review of anita : I wish she had been an anal lover. best body in porn (with michelle wild)

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