Memphis MONROE or MemphisMONROE, MONROEMemphis Memphis MONROE,MONROE Memphis,
Memphis Monroe (born March 23, 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. Her first name of Memphis came from the lead character in Gone in Sixty Seconds and...
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Memphis Monroe

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    Memphis MONROE

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    Memphis Monroe is a sweet american pornstar who was born on (United States).
    Memphis Monroe is Aries astro sign.
    This blonde with blue eyes of 37 years old owns enormous nipple and some apparent looker.
    She hasn't rightfully favored studio, she makes her movies with multiple studios like Pink Visual, Notorious Production or DVSX.
    Note that there are some awezome erotic scenes in Her First Lesbian Sex whose Memphis Monroe owns the secret.
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    Porn actress added on the 28 March 2009

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    Measurements  90D-60-90Height  167 cm (5 ft 11 in)Hair  Blonde
    Tits  BigWeight  52 kg (114 lbs)Eyes  Blue
    Ethnic  CaucasianAge  37 years old (23 March 1985)Sign  Aries

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    Memphis Monroe (born March 23, 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. Her first name of Memphis came from the lead character in Gone in Sixty Seconds and the Monroe from Marilyn Monroe. She was raised and currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Monroe started working as a hostess in a Hooters restaurant at age 16. While working for Hooters she posed for their calendar. Upon turning 18, she began doing nude modelling; in April 2005 she began performing in adult films.

    In May 2005 she posed for a Hustler magazine layout; two months later she learned she would be the cover model for the December issue of the magazine. In November 2005 she was signed to an exclusive contract by Hustler, becoming their second girl ever after Jessica Jaymes. In December 2006 her contract with them was renewed, but by August 2007 she had left them. She later said it was a mutual parting, as she wanted to work as an independent and Hustler wanted to focus more on their casino and the clothing line.

    On June 4th 2008 she appeared on an episode of the Howard Stern show where she participated on a game show where she and 2 other porn stars took on 3 whack packers to show their intelligence.

    Monroe met her future husband as a one-night stand, but they kept seeing each other afterwards. They were married in September 2006.
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  • on 16 Feb. 2013
      best tits of them all hands down!!!
    always looks incredible no matter the hairstyle or color;body plump or slimmed down she is just simply irrestible.
    she seems so personable and funny on top her other awesome assets ( i know some do not give a rat's ass about personality of a porn star but what the fuck memphis has it all!).

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