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    Pornstar Bamboo
    on 29 Oct. 2012
    Bamboo : Hottest asian and the accent, ooh, la, lah.australian fan
    Pornstar Tawnee Stone
    on 23 Oct. 2012
    The worlds oldest "teen". i wud like to see her doing more hardcore, fuckinf and sucking and doing gangbangs
    Pornstar Adrianna Laurenti
    on 18 Oct. 2012
    I just love here like anything :)
    Pornstar Shyla Stylez
    on 17 Oct. 2012
    She is very hot. must see her live.
    Pornstar Jasmin Field
    on 16 Oct. 2012
    Jasmin field : She is one of the most attractive and sexy woman alive!!she's bold and alluring.sexual, sensual in every way.a beautiful woman.......
    Pornstar Georgia Jones
    on 15 Oct. 2012
    One of the cutest girl i've ever seen
    Pornstar Anais Hills
    on 8 Oct. 2012
    Perfect : She is perfect. does she do escort ?
    Pornstar Aletta Ocean
    on 5 Oct. 2012
    She is the best there could be and i would watch her all day long

    hoping to meet her someday
    Pornstar Adeline
    on 3 Oct. 2012
    Adeline/pauline : She looks fresh faced in this pic...usually they have excessive max factor smeared all over them....anyways, cute trim figure, sweet [ jodie foster look to ] her face. she takes cum in her mouth but you never see her swallow.....not all girls can handle it.
    Pornstar Gina Rome
    on 2 Oct. 2012
    Gina rome : She is very sexy to me...great smile, nice body.
    Pornstar Rhyse Richards
    on 2 Oct. 2012
    Rhyse richards : Very sexy face...tho i prefer less makeup on females, nice figure...more chest than needed
    Pornstar Anita Blond
    on 27 Sept. 2012
    Review of anita
    Review of anita : I usually use to talk a lot, but about anita blond, i need to tell you only 1 sentence: best porn star and hottest woman ever.
    Pornstar Katin
    on 22 Sept. 2012
    Extreme joy : Dynamic beauty extreme enjoyment full of passion
    Pornstar Shyla Stylez
    on 12 Sept. 2012
    The number one on business - ever!!!
    Pornstar Loona Luxx
    on 4 Sept. 2012
    Loona luxx : Loona is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen
    Pornstar Sara Stone
    on 2 Sept. 2012
    Sara stone : She is simply the hottest, and she is look like the girl next door. wonderful body, gorgeous tits, and a face that is a dream come true
    Pornstar Alana Play
    on 2 Sept. 2012
    Wow : Wow alana you are very pretty and great looking
    Pornstar Helena G
    on 31 Aug. 2012
    Incredible! : Helena g is so freakin' hot and body-slim and blowing balls down to the ground that i would definitely check out all her crazy ways...
    i'm your big fan, helena, kisses ...
    princeofnight69, poland
    Pornstar Laure Sainclair
    on 31 Aug. 2012
    Laure sainclair : What a truely beautiful and stunning women laure sainclair is .i am english but i would clss laure sainclair as one of frances national treasures she says she is deeply ashamed of her past, but why, she made alot of people very happy, i know i was one of them.i thank her for those films and wish her happiness for the future
    Pornstar Tiffany Star
    on 30 Aug. 2012
    Mitch sims
    She is seriously the hottest girl ever
    Pornstar Jasmine Rouge
    on 24 Aug. 2012
    Proud to be romanian...we have the best girls in the wrold
    Pornstar Nora Davis
    on 24 Aug. 2012
    Proud to be a romanian ... i guess
    Pornstar Ava Devine
    on 23 Aug. 2012
    Ava devine : Ava is a legend in her lifetime. renowned for her energetic performances, filthy language, and willingness to perform in the most physically challenging sex acts, she is a super-whore and an inspiration to women of all ages who wish to pursue a rewarding career in porn - or simply explore their sexuality to the fullest.
    Pornstar Shaina
    on 23 Aug. 2012
    Very nice girl where she is living
    Pornstar Dena Caly
    on 21 Aug. 2012
    Dena : The only perfect 10 in. porn imdustrytthe
    Pornstar Amy Shine
    on 18 Aug. 2012
    Does anyone know if amy is still active, if not, what is she doing now
    Pornstar Ava Devine
    on 18 Aug. 2012
    Ava devine : Ava is a lusty, insatiable whore who is certainly a legend in her lifetime. her raw energy, filthy talk, and willingness to try anything with anyone make her an inspiring role model for women who wish to make a career in porn and explore their sexuality to the fullest.
    Pornstar Nikki Rhodes
    on 17 Aug. 2012
    Dick dickerson
    Super hot, who the fuck would want her to shave that perfect pussy your a dickhole ^
    Pornstar Jessica Moore
    on 17 Aug. 2012
    She is very pretty beatifull girl. i like this girl and so happy when i can see yours movie.
    Pornstar Trixy
    on 15 Aug. 2012
    Sexy or not... : Trixy isn't on pornhub and theres not enough coverage of her tits. so i cant really decide if she's sexy or not.